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D.A.C. people and their rides (listed alphabetically, not all members listed)
If you wish to be listed here email me:
1. photo of yourself
2. photo of your race car/ street car
3. link to your email and website (both are optional)
I will edit the photos to suit the site. Email to:  scoty@rogers.com.

   Aschenbrenner, Peter      
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   Bytzek, Harry      
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   Bytzek, Tyson      
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   Bartling, Rudy     CMHF Inductee  
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   Biral, Gianni     Biral Automotive  
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   Burger, Gerd & Frieda     
Gerd and Frieda extend an invitation to members to stop by and visit in the beautiful Annapolis Valley on the Bay of Fundy Shores, anytime they are in Nova Scotia     

   Buso, Antonio     

   Calder, Candace     

   Chan, Joe     Paragon Competition  

   Creuzburg, Rick     

   Darrow, Dave     

   DeWolfe, Allan    Eurotech  

   DiMarco, Jesse    Eurotech  

   Frey, Nancy     

   Furtmair, Uli    Furtmair Auto Service Inc.  

   Haas, Stef      

   Haas, Severin     

   Ho, Frank     

   Hoeschele, Martin     

   Hummel. Dr. Steve      
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   Khodkar, Ahmad      

   Kraft, Axel     Royal Heights Costa Rica  
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   Kroll, Horst      
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   Krueger, Torson      
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   Little, Cory      

   Macnie, Sandy      

   Marini, Luca      

   Miller, Judy      

   Miller, Scott      

   Nilson, Mike      

   Tong, Donnie     

   Kleinjohann, Karen    World Wide Tours  

   Wankum, Kye     

   Watson, Dave      

   Wenzel, Zack