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Mike Nilson This page will continue to be updated as additional historical material is scanned and files uploaded to the archives stored and accessible on Google Drive. Mike Nilson is currently doing the work of the historical digital archiving for the DAC.
Please view the existing archived material below and email any information, corrections and/or changes, or additional material to Mike: mgnilson@gmail.com


Moments In Life
by Mike Nilson

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Greetings friends!

I am a member of a group of people who search out and keep the history of motorsport.

2022/01/20 Update...
I have completed restoration of the Tuebler Special.
For a complete writeup on the project and
history of the car Click Here

Mike Nilson: mgnilson@gmail.com

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I always tell people that I’m looking for pictures of the car I’m restoring. In the last couple of weeks I have been fortunate to receive these two pictures. The first, Helmut Teubler, 1961.
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The second, Gunther Decker 1962.
I am so indebted to the people who have been able to find and share these gems. I have sent the one picture to the family of Günter Decker. I am planning on gifting the first to Helmet


Mike Nilson - Motorsport Historian